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How to pick the perfect refrigerator

Fulgor Kitchen with French Door Refrigerator

The centerpiece to every home, refrigerators have progressed a long way in the past few decades. Previously they were ordinary ice boxes, now they include features such as individual temperature control, hot water dispenser, and even LED displays! Finding the perfect refrigerator is a daunting task. A lot of consideration is needed to pick the right type, size, and style that will suit your needs. So let us get started!

Installation Types

There are two major types to choose from, built-in or free-standing. The type depends on your kitchen layout and what spacing you have available.


  • Requires professional installation

  • Taller than freestanding

  • Cabinet Depth - Meaning 24" in depth and designed to sit flushed with your cabinets

  • Up to 48" wide

  • More expensive

  • More stylish. Out panel can be designed to match cabinets

Viking Bulit-in Refrigerator


  • Full depth. Protrudes outward from cabinets

  • Cheaper

  • On wheels; easier to move around

  • Shorter and smaller than built-in

Fulgor F6FBM36S1 Free Standing

Refrigerator Types

The type you pick will determine the style, features, and layout of your refrigerator. Take consideration when picking the type to ensure your storage needs are met.

Top Freezer

  • Common

  • Affordable

  • Freezer is above the refrigerator area

  • Freezer is shorter, but wider. Great for larger items.

  • Old fashion. Tends to have the basic necessities without any new features

Bottom Freezer

  • Main refrigerator space is on top

  • Freezer drawers are pulled out beneath main refrigerator

  • Easier to find freezer items. Open drawer and look down

  • Great for wider items

  • Main refrigerator is at eye level, making it easier to find items

  • More stylish, and common in modern homes

French Door

  • Main refrigerator on top with double doors

  • Main refrigerator is at eye level, making it easier to find items

  • Great for smaller kitchens or areas where opening a full size door is difficult

  • Freezer drawers are pulled out beneath the main refrigerator space

  • Great for wider items

  • Stylish look


  • Double door refrigerator

  • Refrigerator and freezer are divided in a vertical column

  • Energy Efficient

  • Narrow, not suitable for wide items


  • Counter-depth size. Depth is around 24-25"

  • Designed to not protrude out past counters and cabinets

  • Usually taller or wider, offers same storage space as a full size refrigerator

  • Less depth means it is easier to access items further back

  • More stylish

Under counter

  • Sized to fit under counter spaces

  • Small and compact

  • Commonly used for beverage and wine

Advanced features to lookout for

  • Hot Water Dispenser

  • Wi-Fi Enable - Adjust settings, preheat water, open door alerts. All available through the app.

  • Built-in Keurig coffee maker

  • Voice Assistant - Ask your fridge to add items to grocery list, order food, and even play music

  • Slide-out Shelves

  • Built in filter for ice and water

  • Humidity Control Drawers

  • Spill proof shelves - Shelves designed to contain spills and prevent leaking to other compartments

Thank you for reading this blog post from Million Decor Design. We sincerely hope we have made your refrigerator buying experience easier! Stop by Million Decor Design to preview some of the refrigerators in our showroom. We have high quality professional refrigerators available!



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