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Shower head buying guide, from budget to luxury builds

Refresh, renew, and relax, the trifecta of the showering experience. Showering is an essential part of our everyday lives. It is our private sanctuary, and a place where we reinvigorate ourselves. Yet the shower head is probably one of the most neglected fixtures in your home, and is often only replaced when no longer functional. Upgrading your shower head can turn your shower experience in a zen-like spa experience. And our guide aims to help your find the perfect shower head.

There are four main types of shower heads: fixed, handheld, rain, and shower systems. Picking the right shower head will depend on your budget, features, and style requirements. If you are a California resident, make sure to pick shower heads that meet water flow requirements (1.8 gpm).


Mounted on top of the shower and outward facing. Shower head is usually adjustable, and tends to be cheaper than handheld shower heads.

Modern Fixed Shower heads: With the advancement in shower head technology, modern day fixed shower heads are very stylish, and comes with a multitude of features and sprays such as Bluetooth audio and rainfall spray settings.

Traditional: Traditional shower heads tends to be cheaper, more compact, and often only have two spray modes. They are ideal for those on a budget or in a temporary living situation (apartment, rental, dorm).

Our Picks:

Budget: K-72419-CP $25.99

This shower heads features a modern elegant design with 60 spray nozzles, 3 different spray patterns, and limited lifetime warranty for only $25.99! Comes in polished chrome, brushed nickle, oil rub bronze, and matte black.

Kohler K-72419-CP

Mid Tier: Delta 52688 $49.95

This shower head is all about performance. H20Kinetic Spray technology provides more coverage, more intensity, and more warmth. The bigger water droplets creates a sensation of more pressure.

Delta 52688

High End : Axor 39740821 Citterio $709.99

Axor's ulti-fuction shower head with 3 spray patterns - full, pulsating massage, and soft spray. This shower head is beautifully designed contemporary piece of artwork. Axor is known for creating high quality functional and beautiful fixtures.

Axor 39740821 Citterio


Probably the most popular and widely used shower head today. They are mounted in the same location as fixed shower heads, but their detachable hose allows for great flexibility to clean different areas unreachable by fixed shower heads. They tend to be pricier than fixed shower heads, but comes with a plethora of finishes, styles, and features. On average, they come with 6 different spray features, spot resistance finish, and some higher end models even have a pause function.

Our Picks:

Budget: Delta 54424-PK $59.73

This handheld shower head comes with the hand shower, holder, hose, and ActivTouch technology, everything you would need for installation. Everything you need for under 60 dollars. Aside from the great entry price point, this shower head is covered under Delta's limited lifetime warranty, and comes with a push button for 8 different spray patterns.

Delta 54424-PK

Mid Tier: Brizo 88875-BN $278.64

The Brizo 88875 Odin Hand Shower is a beauty, it features a single handle contemporary design that will compliment any bathroom. It is covered under Brizo's limited lifetime warranty, and features H20Kinetic shower for larger droplet size, spray coverage, and better thermal dynamics.

Brizo 88875-BN

High End : Rohl 1340APC $1249.5

The Rohl 1340APC reflects the modern contemporary design that is widely popular today. Combined with the excellent build quality from Rohl and you have a fixture that is truly worth the price tag. This fixture is constructed from pure hand machine solid brass. It is a single function hand shower with 6 different spray jets.

Rohl 1340APC


A large shower head is installed directly above the shower, it is meant to replicate the sensation of showering in the rain. Due to the lower pressure of rain shower heads, they are typically dual installed in a set with handheld shower head for when extra pressure is needed. They are the most stylish out of the three.

Our Picks:

Budget: Delta RP50841 $58.49

For those looking for an entry level rain shower head set-up, the Delta RP50841 is an excellent choice for the price point. At $58.49 it is a great option to test if rain shower heads are for you. This shower head is covered under Delta's limited lifetime warranty and contains a swivel ball assembly for a full 360 degree rotation.

Delta RP50841

Mid Tier: Hansgrohe Raindance S 27474001 $360

The Hansgrohe Raindance S shower head is a great shower head for the price point. It features a circular design and includes Hansgrohe's patented AirPower technology. Air is sucked in through the spray disk and infused with water droplets. This creates a plumper, lighter, and softer water droplets that will create an experience that you have never felt before.

Hansgrohe Raindance S 27474001

High End: Hansgrohe Puravida 27437001 $1104

Everything about this shower head is top of the line. Construction, designed, performance, it has it all. Covered under Hansgrohe's limited lifetime warranty, this shower head features AirPower XL, meaning air infused droplets envelops your entire body. 192 no-clog spray channels ensures you get the full rain shower rain experience.

Hansgrohe Puravida 27437001

Shower Systems:

Shower systems are very stylish, and are designed to accommodate every type of showering needs. Typically they come with a rain sower head for a soft relaxing experience, and a hand shower for heavy duty power. They tend to be much more expensive than fixed shower heads, but they offer a more complete and luxurious solution.

Our Picks:

Budget: Miseno MS-550515-REC-SBHS-CP $484.95

This shower system contains everything you need for a complete shower experience at a very affordable price point. It contains two single function rain shower heads, a multi function hand shower with a 60" hose and hand shower holder, a diverter, and a pressure balancing valve. Miseno shower faucets waters ways are construct from solid brass, and includes a lifetime warranty.


Mid Tier: Delta DSS-Tesla-1701-H2O-SS $771.07

This shower system is all about functionality. Featuring 3-function diverter trim, pressure balance valve, hand shower, and one shower head. Hand shower includes 4 different spray patterns. Integrated volume controls allow you to set temperature and volume on a single plate and keep it persistent for every shower. This shower system offers a sleek modern contemporary design, and looks great.

Delta DSS-Tesla-1701-H2O-SS

High End: Axor AXSS-ShowerCollection-T03-000 $4983.55

This shower system is beauty. Cutting edge design featuring straight lines, sleeks controls, and ease of use makes this one of the best shower systems on the market today. This system comes with three volume control handles for temperature and water control. One single rain spray pattern shower head and one hand shower. It also comes with two body sprays that can be adjusted 26 degrees in any direction.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Million Decor Design! We can help you find the perfect shower head, or even give recommendations that will accommodate your existing plumbing.



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