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Top 5 Contemporary Chandeliers

The most important light fixture in your home is the chandelier. It makes a statement, it is the centerpiece that ties your style together. Chandeliers don't have to be boring. They shouldn't be boring. Long gone are the traditional candle style chandeliers. Take a look at our favorite chandelier designs.

1. Modern Forms Chaos $1574-$3779

Why we like this chandelier:

One word, WOW! This chandelier is just breathtaking. One of Modern Forms trademark products. This chandelier encapsulates a moment in time. As piano keys fall through the air time is frozen for us to admire the beauty in the most chaotic of moments. Out favorite is the brush aluminum finish, which pairs very well with dark decor.

2. Kuzco Monza $588-$1037

Why we like this chandelier:

An outer steel cube is suspended in midair to create a wire frame effect. Inside, six circular led lights are connected to create a cube with rounded corners. This slim minimal design allows light to be disperse in all directions, creating a soft lighting ambiance that is not overbearing. The Monza is great in triplets over kitchen islands, or solo in the living room. The slim profile design makes it very versatile, allowing it to pair with all sorts of decor.

3. Modern Form Mies $1049-$1,364

Why we like this chandelier:

Six open aluminum rectangles creates an ultra sleek hexagon. Inside 6 LED modules allows warm vibrant light to be dispersed in every direction. The age brass finish pairs perfectly with modern decor trends.

4. Hudson Valley Dunkirk $872-$2856

Why we like this chandelier:

Hundreds of stems extend from a core of light bulbs to create a spherical shape. At the end of every stem are faceted crystal sphere that refract light. When illuminated, a dazzling display of light is emitted to create something remarkable and out of this world. Pairs very well with lighter tones and sleek lines.

5. Troy Lighting Meritage $2300

Why we like this chandelier:

The Troy Meritage gives the classic tiered chandelier style a refreshing look. Large hand wrought iron frames provides clean lines to give a more contemporary feel. Large crystals refactors light, but is not overbearing. This chandelier provides a very modern rustic feel, and pairs great with darker tones.

We hope you enjoyed this small list of one of our favorite chandeliers. As always, Million Decor Design is here to help! Feel free to give us a call or visit or showroom in Arcadia!



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