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Top Lighting Trends for 2019

Let's go back to a time when Afros and Pez dispensers were popular. Yes, we are talking about the period between 1930 through the 1960s, known as the mid-century. 2019 lighting trends is all about modernizing mid-century styles, renewing the retro look, and sleeking out industrial designs. Combine that with soft metallic colors or matte finish and we have a style that really stands out, and is inviting at the same time. Let's explore these popular design trends.

Mid-Century Modern:

Mid-Century Modern design is characterized by clean lines, natural curves, and bold colors. This style was influenced when German designers fled to the United States after World War II. Their philosophy was simple, "less is more". Today's mid-century design expanded on this concept, adding geometric shapes, larger designs, and a wider selection of materials. Here are some of our favorite mid-century modern designs:

Industrial Revolution:

The industrial revolution brought many advancements to society, and one of them was mass manufacturing. These mass manufacturing factories had metal light fixtures, hanging Edison bulbs, exposed wiring, and cement walls. Today's industrial design is meant to highlight that factory setting. Creating an urban look, with the use of raw materials such as wood, steel, and metal.

By far the biggest advancement in industrial design is the vintage Edison bulb. Today's Edison bulbs come in a wide array of shape, size, and color! Take a look at these awesome designs:

Color and Finishes:

If we had to describe the color scheme for 2019 in one word, it would be "soft". It's all about soft earthy colors designed to bring peace and comfort to your home. Think dark green instead of bright green. Pastel lavender over violet. The more matte the appearance, the better. This concept even applies to metals such as gold or copper. A matte soft gold is muted and goes well with a wide range of decor.

We hope you enjoy this blog post on current lighting trends. As always, feel free to reach out to Million Decor Design with any questions. We are here to help!



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